SIMOPS SITE Coordinator Vacancy for OffShore Project in UAE- Rotation Job

Application deadline closed.

Job Description



  • Job Purpose
     Responsible for site execution of SIMOPS in WHTS, and to follow the scheduling and delivery of all SIMOPS materials, installing & dismantling and back loading the materials by proper external & internal transportations, rental services and contractor personnel (operators through outsources) to well site to meet operational requirements.
     Assist the Production Supervisor – SIMOPS by cost effective and efficient manner ensuring compliance with company standards and procedures.
    Key Accountabilities
    • Identify equipment and personnel requirements for all aspects of SIMOPS operations (New Drill, Re-Entry / Workover & Suspension).
    • Update and maintain the materials inventory system at the site in coordination with Site Material Coordinator.
    • Arrange and complete the pre-RIG approach installation of SIMOPS materials including F&G materials by the outsource contractor’s team 2 days before RIG approach. Arrange and complete the post-RIG approach installations.
    • Arrange the efficient internal function test for the installed SIMOPS equipment.
    • Arrange to dismantling the SIMOPS materials by outsource contractor’s work force / team 1 day before RIG move and after move.
    • Ensure all the dismantled materials are correctly packed, containerized, and secured for shifting.
    • Manage supply vessel requirements through Logistic Supervisor and raise all backload manifests for external & internal transportations.
    • Ensure all materials are correctly containerized and secured for backload – whenever refurbishment required.
    • Manage the Storage Area for segregating the materials properly in conjunction with Site Material Coordinator.
    • Maintain all-time two complete SIMOPS materials’ sets including F&G sets as standby in site base storage area for emergency.
    • Maintain spares like Gas Sensors, F&G Consumable Materials, Explosion Proof Electrical Lights Bulbs, and etc. sufficiently.
    • Liaise with shore base Logistics personnel, offshore / Island crew and supply vessels and planning offloading and back loading supply boats.
    • Prepare documentation for dangerous goods declarations (gas calibration cylinders with approved packing containers), lifting appliances and waste for sea and air transportation.
    • Prepare outsource contractor’s crew changes by Chopper / Boat through SIMOPS Supervisor /Technical Assistant.
    • Arrange the accommodation for outsource contractor’s operation & maintenance crews accommodation in site through GS (General Service) & TA (Technical Assistant).
    • Update daily equipment and personnel look heads.
    • Maintain rental register and ensure all third party materials taken off‐hire at the earliest opportunity.
    • Support for maintaining and track daily activities.
    • Organizes and participates in regular Inventory/stock checks at all locations where stock is held (including third party storage) at the shore base warehouse.
    • Reports to Senior Material Coordinator in shore base Office to maintain Company’s inventory.
    • Liaise with shore base office Senior Material Coordinator to arrange the materials including consumable materials’ spares on time whereas there is less stocks in site base storage area / store.
    • Manages, coordinates and monitors the activities of assigned personnel / contractors involved in SIMOPS installations, dismantling, packing and shifting or back loading materials.
    ANNEXURE – 17.8
  • ADNOC Classification: Internal- SIMOPS SITE COORDINATOR
    • Carried out the tasks in a timely, safe and efficient manner in accordance with contract specifications and terms and conditions.
    • Reports integrated comments/recommendations to the Job Officers for incorporation in the revised packages/tender documents.
    • To arrange testing certificates and calibration certificates with proper tags and serial numbers for all the materials.
    • Plan, supervise and coordinate all activities in the assigned area to meet functional objectives.
    • Train and develop the assigned outsource SIMOPS operators / nationals on relevant skills to enable them to become proficient on the job and deliver the respective section objectives.
    • Investigate and highlight any significant variances to support effective performance and cost control.
    • Implement approved policies, processes, systems, standards and procedures in order to support execution of the TPO SIMOPS work programs in line with company and international standards.
    • Comply with all applicable legislation and legal regulations.
    • Contribute to the achievement of the approved performance objectives for TPO section in line with the Company performance framework.
    • Design and implement new tools and techniques to improve the quality and efficiency of operational processes.
    • Identify improvements in internal processes against best practices in pursuit with greater efficiency in line with best Industry standards in order to define intelligent solutions for issues confronting the function.
    • Comply with relevant HSE policies, updated procedures, controls, applicable legislation, and sustainability guidelines in line with international standards, best practices and ADNOC Code of Practices.
    • Participate in emergency response duties as a team member.
    • Provide the daily reports & look ahead to line for updating the readiness of SIMOPS materials for next / upcoming SIMOPS locations. As well as weekly report & look ahead & area of concern – if any.
    • Provide with inline & offline materials (units) with valid testing and calibration certificates.
    • Provide materials’ stock (in site base storage area, WHT, production store & shore base office) and inventory reports (daily / monthly).
  • Qualifications and Experience
     4 years Bachelor Degree in Engineering (Mechanical discipline would be an asset) / 3 Years Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in minimum with 5 years’ experience in materials handling, inventory and shipment
     Minimum 7 years’ experience as offshore site coordinator and total 10 years of experience in oil & gas field including at least 3 to 4 years of offshore supervisory experience in similar field.
    • Experience in a similar role: In‐depth knowledge of transportation arrangements in coordination with logistic supervisor & site material coordinator (if any experience in SIMOPS as Site Coordinator would be an asset)
    • Should be proficient in English language (Oral + Written); Arabic & Hindi would be an asset – if any
    • Computer Skill in Excel, Word, Intranet
    • Good understanding of WHT operations
    • Knowledge / understanding of materials’ stock, inventory control and management
    • Ability to communicate effectively with Rig site personnel and shore base Office personnel
    Working Conditions
     Working hours – 12 Hours per day and 7 days per week (Offshore based)
     Duty/leave cycle – 1 month duty followed by 1 month shore based leave
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