Oil & Gas Project | Iraq

November 23, 2022
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Job Description




  1. Welding Engineer
  2. Insulation Supervisor
  3. HVAC Supervisor
  4. Fireproofing Supervisor
  5. PTW holder
  6. Safety Supervisor
  7. Spoolgen/CAD
  8. Material Control
  9. Mechanical Foreman
  10. Steel Structure Foreman
  11. Instrument Foreman
  12. Tinsmith Foreman
  13. Insulation Foreman
  14. Fabricator Foreman
  15. HVAC Foreman
  16. Scaffolding Inspector
  17. Electrical Fitter
  18. Instrument Calibrator
  19. Instrument Technician
  20. Instrument Terminator
  21. Instrument fitter
  22. HVAC fitter
  23. Insulation Fabricator
  24. Tinsmith
  25. Blaster
  26. Sprayer worker
  27. Plasterer
  28. Mesh worker
  29. Manlift Operator
  30. Piping Enginer
  31. Forklift Operator


  • OFFICE: Dynamic Staffing Services – Sakinaka, Mumbai
  • Email: reena@dss-hr.com
  • Contact (REENA): 9311756607
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